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About Gulf Gas Station Near Me:

From 1901 to 1985, Gulf Oil was the main global oil corporation. It was one of the supposed Seven Sisters oil corporations and was the 8th biggest American manufacturing business back in 1941 and the 9th biggest back in 1979.

Gulf was one of the Mellon family fortune’s key instruments before its merger with Standard Oil of California. Both Mellon Financial and Gulf had their headquarters based in Pittsburgh. The Gulf Building (at present, the Gulf Tower office condos) is the Art Deco skyscraper that served as the old headquarters of the business.

It was the tallest building in Pittsburgh until 1970 when it was surpassed by the United States Steel Tower, and it’s actually topped with a multi-story step pyramid structure. Until 1973, the whole top was lighted, changing color in response to disparities in barometric pressure and serving as the weather signal noticeable for miles.

When GOC (Gulf Oil Corporation) combined with SOCAL (Standard Oil of California) back in 1985, it ended to exist as a separate entity, with both businesses rebranding as Chevron in the US. Gulf Canada, Gulf’s main Canadian business, was sold to Ultramar and Petro-Canada in the same year, together with Gulf Canada Resources to Olympia and York.

The brand name Gulf, as well as a number of Gulf Oil Corporation’s constituent business units, survived. Since 1990, it has enjoyed a considerable resurgence, changing into a flexible network of related commercial interests based on agencies, franchises, and partnerships.

Gulf Contact Details:

  • Gulf Oil Headquarters: 80 William Street, Suite 400 Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
  • Phone No: (339) 933-7200
  • Email Address: [email protected]

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