Aloha Gas Station Near Me

Aloha Gas Stations make fueling easier than ever. You can hit the open road for a gas station, test your new work commute route (if you are now working from home year-round), or knock out some long-overdue errands. As the benchmark leader in high-standard services and amenities, we have a reputation to uphold with our loyal frequent fliers by offering them a seamless travel experience.

Find Any Aloha Gas Station Near Me In The Area

About Aloha Gas Station:

With roots going back to the early 1900s, Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. is one of Hawaii’s leading marine gasoline marketers and convenience store operators with the nearest gas station within reach!

Currently, Aloha employs over 800 people in Hawaii and sells the products through 100 Aloha, Shell & Mahalo branded gas stations, along with four Menehune Food Mart operations; fifty stores under the name of “Aloha Island Mart”; a total of three Subway outlets (two free-standing); also present throughout convenience-stores are four Dunkin’ Donuts kiosks widespread around our state. Back in 2014, Aloha was bought by Sunoco. It was given the state of exclusive Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in Hawaii back in 2016.

Benefits of Choosing Aloha Gas Stations:

When it comes to finding the perfect gas station near you, Aloha offers numerous advantages that set us apart from the rest:
  1. Convenience: With a wide network of strategically placed locations across towns and highways, finding an Aloha Gas Station near you is a breeze.
  2. Quality Fuels: Our commitment to excellence means that every drop of fuel at our stations meets strict quality standards for optimal engine performance.
  3. Competitive Prices: At Aloha Gas Stations, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality.
  4. Extended Operational Hours: We recognize that life doesn’t always adhere to regular business hours; therefore, many of our stations operate 24/7 so you can fill up whenever it suits your schedule.
  5. Clean Facilities: Rest assured knowing that cleanliness is a top priority at all our locations both inside and outside providing you with a pleasant environment during your visit.

Aloha Gas Station Near Me

Finding Your Nearest Aloha Gas Station:

Locating an Aloha Gas Station near you couldn’t be simpler! Follow these easy steps:
  1. Utilize Online Tools: Visit our website or use popular mapping applications on your smartphone or GPS device to search for “Aloha gas station near me.” The results will provide directions and nearby options based on your current location.
  2. Ask the Locals: When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask locals or fellow travelers for recommendations. They may have valuable insights or tips on finding the closest Aloha Gas Station.

Exploring Services and Amenities Offered by Aloha:

Aloha Gas Stations takes you beyond fueling your car Our pledge to deliver our ever-discerning clientage with an unsurpassed level of customer fulfillment is attentive through a broad-spanning array of services and facilities specially composed to provide you with add-on experience:

  1. Convenience Stores: Entering Accesoria Bazaars, step into the convenience store paradises we have in bountiful arrays of fabulous finger-licking snacks beverage brews aromatic cuisine crafted delights, and myriad more offers to fill your hearts within reach.

  2. Car Washes: Our basic car wash locations will help maintain your vehicle’s appearance at the top of its game.

  3. Machines: ATMs Need cash? Our locations tend to feature ATM access for easy cash.

  4. Air/Vacuum Pumps: Our air pumps and vacuums fill your tires or wash out the inside of an individual’s vehicle.

Tips for Using Aloha Gas Stations

To make the most out of your visit to an Aloha Gas Station, consider these helpful tips:
  1. Plan Ahead: If you’re going far or need gasoline soon, check online for real-time gas prices at Aloha stations along your route to find the best deal.
  2. Loyalty Plans: Sign up for Aloha Gas Stations’ loyalty programs to receive points for future purchases or discounted fuel.
  3. Stay Safe: Turn off motors when pumping gas, don’t smoke near fueling stations, and don’t use phones near open gas canisters.
Now that you’re equipped with essential information about locating an Aloha Gas Station near you as well as exploring their services and amenities let’s address some common questions you may have.


How can I find the nearest Aloha Gas Station?

To find the closest Aloha Gas Station, simply use our website’s store locator feature or popular mapping applications on your smartphone. Just search for “Aloha gas station near me,” and you’ll be provided with a list of nearby locations based on your current location.

What types of fuels do Aloha Gas Stations offer?

Aloha Gas Stations offer different fuel levels suitable for the needs of a wide range of vehicles. We provide regular unleaded fuel, top-class gasoline additionally diesel gas at some facilities.

Are there any other services offered by the Aloha Gas Stations?

Yes! Nonetheless, in addition to gasoline Michael/co has convenience stores that sell snacks and beverages including freshly prepared food items among others. There are some locations with car wash facilities and ATMs for your convenience as well.

Can I join any loyalty programs at Aloha Gas Stations?

Absolutely! Be sure to register with our reward program which lets you accumulate a point system and redeem for discounts on purchases or even gas prices. Pick up enrollment details during your next visit and talk to our friendly staff.
Aloha Gas Stations frequently asked questions. Our friendly staff can help you with any questions or needs during your visit!

Aloha Contact Details:


[email protected]


  • (800) 621-4654 Neighbor Islands
  • (808) 522-9222 Oahu
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM-4 :30 PM

Corporate Offices:

1001 Bishop Street, Suite 1300

Honolulu, HI 96813-3544

Payment Address For Save-A-$ Club Cards:

P.0. Box 500

Honolulu, HI 96809

Lubricants – Phone: 

(808) 833-3249


[email protected]

Fuel Orders – Phone:

  • (800) 786-9494 Neighbor Islands
  • (808) 533-6065 Oahu

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