10 Simple Ways That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

Would you like your car to serve you for a long time and efficiently? We offer you ten ideas on how to increase the car’s performance.

10 Tips How to Increase the Life of a Car

Every driver dreams that his cars do not age. If it is difficult to do something with the moral age of the car, then maintaining it in the good technical condition is a relatively feasible task. We present you with a selection of the simplest but most effective tips on how to make a car last longer and improve performance.

Carefully Study the Device of the Car

Our selection of tips on how to extend the life of your car is opened by a method that is very simple at first glance – a thorough study of the car’s structure. For experienced drivers, this advice may seem ineffective. However, we strongly recommend that you remember that technological progress does not stand still, and with it, more and more new technologies appear.

Many car components are being improved; therefore, all drivers, both beginners and professionals must know about this without exception. Carefully read the instruction manual: it will describe all the main components of the machine, as well as their location and maintenance procedures. Keep the manual in the car box.

Use Network Security Tool

A hacker, having a laptop and Internet access at hand, today can break into your car. The most innocent thing a cracker can do is connect to an entertainment system. Typically, manufacturers set the same passwords for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi points in cars, and owners rarely change them. Consequently, hackers can easily guess the passwords to your system and take control of the machine.

However, this is far from the only danger you may face. Hackers use advanced car hacking techniques and can intercept the radio signal, hack into the OBD scanner, and even the phone tied to the car in a matter of seconds.

If, with the first three problems, you need to seek advice from specialists who are well-versed in the holes in your car, then a virtual private network will help you with the problem of how to make your phone impossible to track and hack. VPN encrypts data and hides the user’s IP address, directing all his traffic through a covert channel. The most trusted platform is VeePN. See details of the company and price list on the official website. 

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Change Your Car Oil Regularly

It should be remembered that to extend the car life, try to use the brands of oils offered by the manufacturer of this vehicle. Using cheaper substitutes will harm the motor and thereby reduce its working activity. You must change engine oil for full and long-term engine operation regularly. Also, it is necessary to constantly monitor the oil level, which gradually consumes and burns out during engine operation. Low oil levels adversely affect the engine parts, leading to an accelerated breakdown.

Timely Check the Condition of Working Fluids

Several types of working fluids are involved in the operation of the car: brake fluid and fluid in the cooling system, fluid in the automatic transmission and power steering, and fluid in the transfer case. Studying the instruction manual, you need to pay attention to the timing of changing or topping up these fluids. By complying with the manufacturer’s requirements, you thus prolong the life of your machine.

Take Care of the Car Body

For the body of your car to not turn into rusty dishes in just a few years of operation, it is also necessary to take care of it no less carefully than the engine or other mechanisms of the car. During operation, the bottom, fenders, and other parts of the car body are constantly exposed to dust, dirt, various oils, exhaust particles, and road salt. The car must always be kept clean, and remember to visit the car wash regularly, as a dirty car begins to rust faster.

Eliminate Minor Faults

Cars are a balanced mechanism in which all components and parts are interconnected. The failure of one of them can lead to severe ailments of the entire body of the machine. So remember: early detection and elimination of minor problems in the car will help you not to spend money on more complex issues in the future.

Check Your Tires Regularly

Remember to check your tire pressure regularly when leaving the garage or parking lot. Excessive tire pressure will cause premature wear of the vehicle’s suspension. Also, ensure that the camber angles are correct, as their incorrect setting can lead to a quick failure of the tires. And finally, change summer tires to winter tires in time.

Choose the Right Driving Mode

Properly selected driving mode prolongs the life of the car. It would help if you did not drive at maximum speed on bad roads, as this will undoubtedly lead to rapid wear of parts. Harsh braking also affects the accelerated wear of parts and can lead to breakdowns. Do not break away abruptly – try to move smoothly and calmly.

Carry out Car Service at Specialized Service Stations

Cars are complex technical devices embody high-tech engineering solutions that have been improved over the years. In connection with this phenomenon, car maintenance is becoming more and more difficult every year. We advise you to carry out car maintenance once a year at specialized service stations equipped with the necessary devices and where all the necessary tools are available.

Perform Timely Maintenance

According to the technical data sheet, try to change in time: engine oil, air, oil filters, spark plugs, high voltage wires. Buy spare parts only in company stores and do not chase cheap oils and fuels, this will not save you money, but on the contrary, it will entail large unforeseen expenses for repairing early worn-out units and components of the car.